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Tenancy Selection Criteria

It is important that we get the right tenant for your property. To ensure that this happens we have a very in depth application form to be filled out by the prospective tenant before they move in.

We are also member of TICA, which is the biggest Tenancy Database available, so if a tenant has defaulted elsewhere we will find that information and will not rent to them.

The application requests some of the following information :

  1. Full name, Address and Date of Birth
  2. Copy of their Drivers license
  3. Passport number
  4. Copy of bills i.e. Telephone bills showing their place of residence
  5. Minimum of 2 years prior rental accommodation with telephone contact numbers of Landlord/Agent they dealt with
  6. Employment history including telephone numbers of employer, salary per week and time of employment
  7. If the tenant is unemployed or a student a Social Security number, letter from Centrelink and rental allowance documents to be presented. We have rent directly debited from their Centrelink payment so it comes straight to us, not via the tenant.
  8. 3 personal reference, not relative or living with them. This ensures that we can always track the tenant.
  9. Signed declaration agreement to hold them to the application giving us authority to do rental credit checks, that all information is true and correct.

As I have mentioned we are associated with the Tenancy information centre known as TICA and if the applicant has defaulted in any way with any other Agent it will show up on this database. This data base has approximately 160,000 default tenants around Australia and New Zealand.

After the application has been processed by the Property Manager (takes approximately 24 hours) you will receive a telephone call discussing all of the applications, we will offer our opinion and we will choose a successful applicant.

When an application is approved the applicant is notified and we arrange paperwork etc.

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