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Rental Payments

Rental payments are on a fortnightly basis. They have the opportunity to pay by direct debit into our account or go into a Bank SA and deposit the rent directly into our account. We also have BPAY which can be paid over the phone, over Internet or direct into our account. Tenants on Centrelink benefits have their rent taken directly from the Centrelink benefit and paid straight into our account.

At the beginning of the tenancy the tenant is required to pay bond, which is equivalent to 4 weeks rent if $250 or under, it is 6 weeks bond for $250 and over

We encourage our tenants to stay 2 weeks in advance at all times and we are very strict on rental payments, I do not except any excuse at all, rent must be up to date at all times or we will serve an eviction notice, most tenants once they know you will not tolerate late rental payments always keep their rental payment up to date.

We keep a very close eye on rental payments and if a tenant falls 15 days behind in their rent a Notice to Remedy is issued to the tenant and a further 7 days notice is given to rectify. If at this time the tenant fails to make a rental payment you will be contacted and a request for termination is sent to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal to terminate the lease.

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