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Hayley Marley-Duncan

My name is Hayley Marley-Duncan and I am the Property Manager for Marley Duncan Real Estate. I am known for my tough straightforward personality, which always keeps the tenants behaving and gives me the skill to select only the best tenants. And my Landlords are always secure knowing I am looking after their best interests at all times.

In a very competitive niche market such as Gawler and surrounding districts, the management of rented properties has to be complete, comprehensive and efficient and why not? After all, your most valuable asset is at risk with rental income probably a vital component of the exercise.

With over 25 years experience as Property Manager in Gawler and surrounding districts, I believe I can offer you the complete Property Management service you require.

I would also like to inform you that I am the business owner. I therefore have a special duty to offer my Landlords the best possible service to ensure their properties are well cared for because it is my business, which is at risk.

If you are seeking professional service from a senior manager, who is totally committed to serving you, give me a call.

Phone 0402 880 838

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