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Landlord Payments

You have the option of being paid fortnightly or monthly. This will not change the management fee, as it is a percentage on rent collected only.

All payments are done on the 15th and the last day of the month, if these dates fall on a weekend it will the closest business day.

All payments are made directly into your nominated account through direct entry with our bank and funds are automatically cleared for you to draw on.

These payments can be paid into your personal account or paid into a loan account.

A statement showing the payment will be forwarded onto you with the original copy of any invoices paid over the month. A copy of any invoices is also kept in your file just in case you require a copy.

At the end of the financial year another statement will be forwarded onto you with the list of payments and deductions for the year. This statement is suitable for your accountant. This statement has a cost of $25.00.

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