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Maintenance On Your Property

It is important that the property is kept in a secure and safe condition for you, the tenant and the Agent.

A request for a repair limit price for any maintenance is requested by us to ensure that if there is an emergency and something needs to be repaired we can authorise the work to be carried out.

Maintenance requested by the tenant requires your approval first and arrangement for a qualified trades-person is arranged. We then contact the trades-person and they contact the tenant direct to obtain entry.

As I have mentioned it is encouraged that all work be carried out by someone with the right qualifications and the insurance cover.

On the odd occasion there will be an emergency repair and we are unable to contact you, in this situation we will have to contact someone to repair it urgently i.e. hot water service not working, broken window, broken doors anything that will cause the tenant undue distress as they need to be safe and have their amenities at all times.

If at any time a trades-man repairs something that they think is the tenants responsibility we will charge the tenant i.e. blocked drains due to child sticking something down drain.

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