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Lease Renewals

Two months prior to the tenants lease expiring you will be contacted informing you and requesting if the tenant is permitted to renew their lease or not.

Some of the questions would be:

  1. Term of tenancy 6-12 months
  2. Rental valuation, we may advise to increase rent

The form is then returned to the office for our records and a letter is sent to the tenant with a lease requesting it to be signed.

A copy of the signed paperwork is forwarded onto you for your records.

If a tenant decides that they do not wish to renew their lease 21 days written notice must be given to this office. You will then be notified and the property will be placed on the rental list and advertised straight away.

Closer to the time that the property is being vacated we will start showing people through with the current tenant's permission to enter the property with prospective tenants so we can let the property promptly.

If you do not wish the tenants to renew their lease the notification is as follows:

  • Where the premises are required for his/her occupation, or for the occupation by his/her immediate family - 60 days
  • Premises required for demolition - 60 days
  • Where the premises has been sold, to be given from the date of the signing of the contract of sale - 60 days.
  • Rent arrears of at least 14 days or breach of contract - 7 days
  • Notice where no reason given - 90 days

Where a termination notice is given for breach of contract or rent arrears, if the breach or rent arrears are not rectified within 7 days, the tenancy may terminate when the notice expires. If vacant possession is not given by the requested date, we will apply to the tribunal for an order of possession.

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